Ag Spray 25 Gallon Bronze Spot Sprayer 1.2 GPM FIMCO Pump Economy Handgun (25 Gallon)

Ag Spray

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Product Description

The Ag Spray 25 GALLON BRONZE SPOT SPRAYER with 1.2 GPM PUMP and ECOGUN is used to quickly apply herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and more. This popular spot sprayer can be placed on the rack of ATV's and in the back of UTV's or Pickup Trucks. The 12 Volt DC High Flo Pump is rated up to 1.2 GPM and 60 PSI. Durable poly tank has a molded in drain for easy clean-out and is equipped with a tethered threaded cap. The adjustable tip spraygun distributes up to 25 feet of spray. Twisting the adjustable nozzle allows the operator to change between straight to wide fan pattern to meet your application needs. A 15 foot 3/8 inch hose provides greater reach and adds flexibility when spraying. The 25 gallon lawn and garden sprayer allows accurate and easy application of lawn care products with the versatility and efficiency needed to spray tight areas, around buildings, fence lines, trees, bushes or other obstacles. This spot sprayer is designed for controlling weeds, insects and diseases on lawns, an acreage, food plots, ditches, fence lines and small pastures.

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