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From the innovation experts at Swan comes the XFlex® Heavy Duty Garden Hose, a truly revolutionary garden hose that combines all the most sought-after features in garden hose functionality. Swan's XFlex® Heavy Duty Hose is lightweight, compact, and long-lasting, and it brings non-kink capabilities to landscapers and active home gardeners everywhere.

For effective kink resistance, the XFlex® Heavy Duty Hose features Swan's new XFlex® Continuous Flow™ filament, a flexible plastic X-shaped filament that runs through the center of the hose. The X shape of the filament, with its four open V-shaped areas, allows for continuous flow of water throughout the hose to prevent kinks. The technology is so powerful that even if you fold the XFlex® non-kink garden hose over itself multiple times, the open pathways provided by the filament allow the water to keep running, pushing through even the most severe kinks.

Swan's XFlex® non-kink garden hose is also made from a proprietary formula that makes it incredibly lightweight; in fact, this hose is 50% lighter than traditional garden hoses, weighing less than 4 pounds! This formula also makes this lightweight garden hose extremely flexible, even at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. What's more, the XFlex® is a compact hose: Once the water is off, the heavy-duty hose goes flat, allowing you to easily coil it into an oval shape for a variety of storage options.

The couplings on the compact, non-kink XFlex® garden hose are also first-rate. In addition to having ergonomic grips for easy and tight attachments, the male coupling features Swan's SpinMALE™ technology, which allows it to rotate 360 degrees like the female coupling. Now you can simply attach a nozzle or sprinkler to your water hose with just a spin of the male coupling, without having to twist on the accessories or turn the hose.

Swan's XFlex® is a heavy-duty garden hose, offering a powerful 400 PSI burst strength. The XFlex® non-kink garden hose is also available in 25-ft., 50-ft. and 100-ft. models so you can take care of all of your watering needs. A limited lifetime warranty ensures the XFlex® ultra-durable garden hose will maintain its superior qualities for every use around your home for years to come.


  • Heavy-duty kink-resistant garden hose that goes flat when the water is off
  • 50 percent lighter than traditional garden hoses, weighs less than 4 lbs.
  • 400 PSI burst strength
  • Ideal for landscaping and active gardening
  • Includes XFlex™ Continuous Flow™ Filament that keeps water flowing to prevent kinks
  • Ultra-compact, making it easy to transport, coil and store
  • Remains flexible even at freezing temperatures
  • Includes ergonomic grips for easy attachment to faucet and nozzle/sprinkler
  • SpinMALE™ technology allows male coupling to rotate 360 degrees to attach accessories without twisting them on or turning the hose
  • Grips plus lead-free-aluminum couplings are crush-proof up to 1,500 PSI
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 5/8” inside diameter
  • Available as a 25, 50 and 100-ft. kink-free garden hose


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