Legends® Growth


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A textured feed for foals, growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares

A controlled carbohydrate formula, designed to support proper growth, muscle and bone development as well as milk production.

14% Protein
6% Fat
12% Fiber


  • Controlled Starch and Sugar levels formulated for foals, growing horses, and pregnant and lactating mares. 
  • Fixed-Ingredient Formula for consistent palatability and consumption. 
  • Added Prebiotic and Probiotic cultures to support digestive efficiency and health. 
  • Added Flax to support hoof, muscle, joint and immune system function. 
  • Amino Acid Fortification to support proper growth, muscle development and milk production. 
  • Balanced Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc to promote proper bone growth. 
  • Organic Trace Minerals Including Selenium for desired hoof, coat and skin quality; and for immune system and reproductive system support.
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