Running Horse Prime Athlete Horse Feed 40 lb

Running Horse

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Without quality nutrition, no serious athlete can hope to perform at peak levels. This is as true for horses as for people. Whether you rope, cut, jump, rein or run barrels, you need to be certain you’ve done all you can to maximize your horses’ potential and natural athleticism. With extruded protein, this formula is more digestible than standard pelleted diets. RUNNING HORSE® Prime is high in energy from vegetable fat, not quick burn sugars or slowly converted starches. Premium vitamins, chelated trace minerals, and nutritionally functional ingredients make RUNNING HORSE® Prime the only feed supplement your horse needs other than quality hay or good pasture.

RUNNING HORSE® Prime is processed to look like oats with as much of the same mouth feel as possible while providing a vastly superior nutritional boost. Running Horse Prime is purposefully formulated with fewer simple sugars & starches. The RUNNING HORSE® philosophy stresses vegetable fats, soluble fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Fixed Formula
Organic trace mineral package
Advanced extrusion method promotes digestibility
All-natural prebiotic Amaferm® for improved gut health

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