TeeJet Technologies 4-Pack Flat Spray VisoFlo Tip TP8004VP

TeeJet Technologies

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Versatile Spray Tip with Excellent Performance and Pattern Quality

Turbo TeeJet® starts the series of Turbo nozzle family with a droplet size up to 60% bigger than standard extended range tip - XR, resulting in lower driftable droplets.

The combination of attack angle, wide spray angle, and excellent uniformity in the droplet size promotes better coverage to different targets.

In addition to the well-known high-resistance polymer tips, TeeJet now offers a new material option: ceramic, providing the best performance for each type of application.

Tapered edge wide angle flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying.
15° attack angle for better canopy penetration.
Available in polymer and ceramic for more flexibility on the choice according to different pesticide formulation.
Large, rounded internal passage to minimize clogging.
Polymer material used on the TT-VP provides a good wear life and acid resistance.
The TT-VK polypropylene body provides excellent acid resistance and the ceramic pre- and exit orifice offers improved wear life.
Unique internal configuration means substantially longer wear life.
Available in eleven VisiFlo® Polymer (VP) and nine VisiFlo ceramic (VK) capacities.
Automatic spray alignment with Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket 114441A-*-CELR (01 to 08) or 114502A-*-CELR (10 and 12).

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